Types of Fishes found in Verinag

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Types of Fishes
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Balitoridae
Original name: Nemachilus kashmirensis
Author: Hora      1922
Source: Rec. Indian Mus. (Calcutta)  v. 24 76
Current status: Synonym of *Triplophysa yasinensis* (Alcock 1898) — (Menon 1987:217 [ref. 14149], Talwar & Jhingran 1991:515 [ref. 20764], Menon 1999:192 [ref. 24904]). Valid as *Triplophysa kashmirensis* (Hora 1922) — (Kullander et al. 1999:143 [ref. 23689], Rafique 2000:325 [ref. 25220], Mirza 2003:16 [ref. 27265]). Type catalog: Menon & Yazdani 1968:123 [ref. 20743], Menon 1987:219 [ref. 14149]. Genus is correctly *Nemacheilus*. See Das 2003:364 [ref. 27706].
Type locality: Verinag, Kukarnag and a small stream flowing from the Kashmir waterworks reservoir to the trout farm at Harwan, India.
Other types: Syntypes: ZSI F10122/1 (1) Harwan, Kashmir; ZSI F10121/1 (9) Kulkarnag Spring, Kashmir.
CAS SPC: 2959
CAS REF No.: 15348
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